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Hedges & Hedging Plants

Bare-root Hedging

Beech (fagus sylvatica) 


Blackthorn, or Sloe (prunus spinosa) 


Box (buxus)

Field Maple (acer campestre)

Hazel (corylus avellana)

Hornbeam (carpinus betulus)

Mountain Ash (sorbus aucuparia)

Oak (quercus)

Privet (ligustrum)

Thorn (crataegus monogyna)

Root-balled and Container Hedging


Grisellinia (grisellinia)

Laurel (prunus laurocerasus/rotundifolia/novita)

Portuguese Laurel (prunus angustifolia)

Yew (taxus)

We can source other types of hedging too.

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Hedging plants Devon specialists.

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